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     Addiction is real. RECOVERY is real, too. Women for Recovery's Serenity Grove provides clean and sober housing to support women in southeastern Ohio who are seeking a way out of addiction. The road to recovery is much like the path of a runner or triathlete new to racing. It starts with a commitment that engages the "one day at a time" philosophy.

     For a novice athlete, the thought of completing a triathlon is daunting. For anyone suffering from the disease of addiction, so is the thought of being clean and sober for the rest of one's life. Recovery from addiction and training for a race both have to be approached one step at a time. Success for each requires support, personal dedication, and commitment to training. We need the advice of others who have done it before, and we need help along the way.

     SERENITY GROVE provides a safe haven where women can "train" for sober living with loving support and the time to learn and practice the steps necessary for a changed lifestyle. Overcoming the addiction crisis requires a team approach--a community coming together.


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